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Rafa Russo - A Petrified Forest


Product Code: RAFC6UZA1

Vinyl LP

1990 Conspiracy Records - CPCY93

Long out of print debut recording from Spanish singer/songwriter/guitarist Rafa Russo

All lyrics are in English.

New old stock copy sourced directly from the limited remaining stock held the artist

"Spanish-born Russo's debut album showcases songs that stubbornly stay with you long after the turntable's been switched off. His 'soft' delivery often conceals a diamond-hard edge that can suddenly cut through what appeared to be a simple love song."  - Time Out 

"Russo's voice is fragile, his lyrics concerned with getting through life's trials as unscathed as possible. He seems the archetypal quiet and sensitive type. Luckily he is a craftsman of the catchy melody, and is also cloaked in the alluring mystery of the exile, having left his dark, depressing native Madrid for our lovely capital. Then there's his strange foreign delivery and the odd, out of synch quality of his English lyrics. Anyone who can get away with something like: “I've got my carrier pigeons, one for every star/Then I launch them in the air and leave my door ajar” is heading for all-time cult status.

This el hombre navel-gazer likes to spice things up a bit too. The title track starts off like Suzanne Vega and ends up like something out of Las Vegas cabaret, Latin percussion and horns enjoying a field day. And on “Friends Are Friends”, Russo give us a braek from his personal universe with a rapture on the failed relationships of a friend. Russo acts as the shoulder to cry one and the tune fits the Agony Aunt mood perfectly.

Side Two opens with “Invisible Fire” which could be given a big production job and become a Number One smash for someone like Cher, though it's difficult imagining her singing the lyric “Time creeps like a cat with its silent, treacherous paws”. Things get sunnier on “Devil's Angel” cheerfully arranged with a whiff of Martin Stephenson about it. The final track “Late At Night” finds Russo singing a beautiful tune with an unaccompanied guitar. This song is perfect for sitting yourself down with a bottle of plonk and cry your eyes out about whatever you want.

A rare voice within these shores, Russo should be cherished and lionised. Will his next batch of songs centre again on the reflections and doubts of a man of inaction which Russo appears to be and start to go on our nerves? I for one can't wait to find out." - London Music Magazine, 


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